Biography :

Tyson Frank Powless, is a progressive Native American; son of Dr. John Powless II, of the Oneida Tribe(s) in Wisconsin and Wisdoma Lifewarrior, Artist and Fashion Designer of the Navajo Nation from Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. As a self taught Artist and Musician, class of 1997 from Tuba City High School in Arizona, he devoted his time to drawing, filming, and practicing with his band. Tyson focused his major in Graphic Design and Visual Technology at Dixie State College in Utah. In spring 2004, after relocating to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue Graphic Design, Screen Printing and Fashion Design; it was in fall of 2005, that UN3EK SY5TEM was created and in 2007 following his music side project, Ill Franklyn.

Artist statement :

With creativity and deep knowledge embedded in my DNA broken down to 10 years of Un3ek Sy5tem in a time-capsule form, 20 years of musicianship and 30 years of produced artworks, in this world of lost souls; people don’t care if you die or not… Only when you take it apart and destroy it, people will have a problem with you. That’s my passion for Art, Fashion and Music; which speaks for itself.

Description of the work :

With each medium of my creations, different elements were combined. In Art the influences of tattoo flash, graffiti, and comic book art are evident. In Fashion through the process of silk-screen, representation of Native American culture show the history of the Indigenous Peoples livelihood in a modern style with a new DIY approach. In Music several genre of musical notes are revealed starting with classical guitar, leading into industrial metal, and using turntable techniques that produce what I like to call, “Glitch Metal”.

facebook : tyson powless
Instagram : @un3eksy5tem